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Part of the Designer Dupe Fragrance Oil Range. We have created a premium fragrance oil range that is second to none. Rustic Barn Candles specialises in stocking premium quality oils that you won't find in any other supplier of equal quality. The highest quality ingredients have been added in to each oil which produces the most natural smelling fragrance oils that are super strong, very long lasting and also made to perform perfectly in candles and wax melts. These fragrance oils have been made for those manufacturers wanting to make the highest quality candles and wax melts on the market to give you that selling advantage and repeat orders. 


Choose from three Sizes - 10ml Pack, 25ml Pack and 50ml Pack.

 Designer Fragrance Oils Included in this Sample Pack

1 - Beauty Be

2- Blackberry and Bay

3 - Crede

4 - Dewberry

5 - Diamonds

6 - Invictus

7 - Love Spell

8 - True Olympea


CLP Labels

CLP Labels can be bought from Rustic Barn Candles under additional CLP Sheets or from CraftCLP website.

To make your CLP Labels please leave your Business Name or Personal Name (First and Last name), Address the products are made at and a contact number in the Notes Box at Check Out.


Please look at our returns policy for fragrances. Due to the risk of contamination we cannot accept returns for opened bottles of fragrance. We advise anyone who is thinking about buying in a large quantity to check a sample beforehand.