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Rhubarb Vanilla - Premium Scented Candle

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A Handmade, Soy Luxury Candle. At Rustic Barn Candles we specialise in Premium Quality Scented Candles that really smell strong.

Our Rhubarb & Vanilla candle is one of our best sellers and for good reason, it is absolutely amazing. Very strong aromas of sweet rhubarb and delicious vanilla. This candle really doesn't disappoint.

Top Notes : Tangy Rhubarb

Middle Notes : Vanilla Custard

Base Notes : Gourmand, Vanilla Pod, Biscuit Crumb

This designer inspired candle has 30 - 40 hours of burn time. Approx 240g Net Weight.

This Handmade candle is made from Natural Soy, is Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.


Candle Care

To get the best from your Candle, trim the wick to 6mm before every use and burn for a maximum of two hours at a time. Don't blow out the candle until there is a full melt pool (wax on the surface is fully melted). 

Do Not burn on or near anything flammable or leave unattended.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets. The candle is finished when there is 1cm of wax remaining at the bottom of the candle container.